Black By Popular Demand


The Badascan is a reissue of an special run of pedals done for the denizens of an old forum thread called the “DoomRoom”. It was offered up to ONLY those who were regular contributors.
Since that time the questions have persisted.

The Badascan is a hybrid Pharaoh/LSTR at its heart.
LSTR gives its high gain and distortion voicing style of gain and grit.
Pharaoh gives its input hi/lo switch,a clipping switch in which the Badascan replaces Germanium with LED for a more open and crunchy sound with less compression, and the Pharaoh style tone controls with fixed mids.
Its loud.
Its brash.
Its gainy.

Short Sound clips can be heard on the Black Arts Instagram account.

Limited to 13 Badascan on bare aluminum,2 on gloss black. (((( BLACK SOLD OUT))))

$159.00 plus shipping in the US via USPS Flat Rate priority.
$159.00 plus your choice of first class or Priority for Worldwide shipments




REVELATION SIX EIGHT is a Ritual > Revelation Superbass. Think of it as a Destroyer, but more manageable for bass, solid state amps. or moms who bitch when you play too loudly. Black Halftone graphic on bare aluminum, Chrome Dome Tele Knobs.


B Stock and Rarity Pharaohs

Very Limited amount of Surplus B stock and rare Pharaohs for $125.00 Plus actual shipping to your address.

B stock White Standard Graphic Pharaoh

B stock Reverse Primitive graphic on bare aluminum

Unearthed Distressed Primitive Pharaoh

YOUR CHOICE $125.00 Plus Flat Rate USPS Priority Shipping to the USA, or USPS International Standard shipping worldwide.

Graphic Option


The solution for any heavy minded guitarist. Fat dark Fuzz with LED or Mosfet Clipping, two way Pharaoh style tone controls, Input trimmer (pre), distortion and volume controls. Slam it with a hi-mids freq booster up front to give an edgy crunch to rhythms, or a stand out lead. Witness the rabid fury on Matt Pike’s pedal board for High on Fire or Sleep and upcoming recordings to be released.