Monthly Archives: February 2011

Another Good Demo

A video from my friend Nicolas. Thanks to all of you fuzzheads making demo videos!CHEERS!!

New Demo Videos

Dig the new tones. [youtube id=”LYf3_Q9wxcg”] [youtube id=”MXYiejb4vik”] [youtube id=”5HWMJNNvnuY”] [youtube id=”BeQ_ZwpMjss”] Thanks to alla yinz guys making demos.

New Prymaxe ad in Premeir Guitar Magazine

New Prymaxe ad In PG magazine. The Pharaoh was featured in the ad. NICE!! Prymaxe ad

I can’t hold this in any longer

These guys have been killing me for a few weeks now. Just a fantastic cd full of riffs, rocks, and great lyrics. I am not associated with the band, just a fan and think I need to share this with those of you unaware of them. I present GOD OX

Some Recent Builds