Monthly Archives: August 2014

OATH Discontinued

Its been a loud and stormy run, but its over. The Oath is no longer in production. Initially we thought that a no knob pedal was simple and user friendly, but turns out that user error is too high on this one to continue to sell to the public. For those who want to ride […]

FAFA FNORD!!! These are a noine. 4 Custom 1-off BabaBooey Graphic Fnord pedals. Fnord! v2 circuit with an additional Diode bypass switch. Switch between standard FNORD! and a more open and raw sounding FNORD! $150.00 Shipped to the USA, International Rate apply. New Caps White SOLD!!!! Old Caps Mint Green SOLD BAWFF!! OranJooze Bawf ORANGE […]