6th, 6th, sick.

I built this one for myself. To signify the 6th build of the 6th batch. Built Jan 1st. The color is called 18k gold, with black graphics. In place of the stock diodes in/out switch, I installed a on/off/on switch. Stock diodes/ no diodes/ asymmetrical germanium diodes. The asymetrical germ setting is fairly lowkey, not as loud as the stock diodes. Unity with the fuzz maxed is about 2 o’clock on the volume knob. Not excessive, and still plenty of volume on tap. It adds a warm, fuzzy lively variation to the Pharaoh. Has a very sweet tone that sounds great into a LOUD amp. Contact me for the possible option of adding this to your Pharaoh. Here are a few pics of the 6th,6th.