But , his Emails

This is a public announcement regarding an email error we found yesterday.

Waiting on a reply from me? Seems you’re not alone. While waiting for emails that were known to be sent TO me and none arriving, we looked into the email server from this .com site and found that thousands of emails stuck on our server and not being retrieved by my Gmail account. After more work to get it sorted than seems necessary, we hope to have the problem fixed. Time will tell the tale.

This is no excuse and I am deeply regretful that this was not noticed or taken care of sooner. Those who know me, or have had email contact in the past likely know that I am diligent with answering as quick as possible, getting repairs done as timely as possible and treating my customers time and money as if my own. Of course I make mistakes or sometimes fail to get to emails every day. However, I should have noticed that emails from 3 of the 4 blackarts.com email addresses were absent from my inbox. Huge fail.

Hopefully this message reaches those who are waiting for a reply from an email sent to info@, support@ or mark@.
As you can see from the screenshot, I am now 2000+ emails behind. If you are in this group, I sincerely apologize for this and sickened by the notion that some of you think that I blew off your questions, concerns or requests for custom work or warranty service. If this is you, I will work to rectify any situation, warranty repair or general correspondence question. Please allow me to regain your confidence.

I will be answering all stuck emails over the upcoming days (hopefully not weeks).

Sorry for the problems anyone may have had due to this situation.