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But , his Emails

This is a public announcement regarding an email error we found yesterday. Waiting on a reply from me? Seems you’re not alone. While waiting for emails that were known to be sent TO me and none arriving, we looked into the email server from this .com site and found that thousands of emails stuck on […]


  RAW HEART OD Dual Circuit Overdrive/ Distortion   Combining two Black Arts Toneworks designs WITCH BURNER QUANTUM MYSTIC Sometime ago, Black Arts worked with Mike Scheidt from YOB to design a distortion pedal which addressed the shortcomings of his favorite distortion at that time, the Ross Distortion. We used his pedal as a starting […]

RAW HEART OD – First Sighting

 Sneak Peek Coming October 31, 2019


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^^^^SKYBOOST^^^^^ Pre-Sale

SKYBOOST Pedal You’ll find sounds from a gentle full range boost, gritty treble boost, gassing up to a full aggressive fuzz. Great for boosting and adding some edge to a dirty preamp, add definition to a saturated front end. Controls: Gain– Dial up harmonic content maxing up to fuzzy Volume – Match your amp volume, […]