BAT is off grid on vacation. THE SHOP IS CLOSED JUNE 2023 Re-Open in July 2023 ... for general correspondence ... for warranty/tech info


PLEASE read my post on the "NEWS" tab. I've had some email problems.

General Info – Our Mission at Black Arts Toneworks is to provide the most useful toneshaping tools at the most reasonable price. We do this while maintaining the personalized customer service you should expect when dealing with a small company. We enjoy providing the seasoned pro, the weekend warrior as well as the bedroom knob fiddler with performance, reliability and punishing dirt tones expected from Black Arts. We say it loud! We’re Black and we’re proud!

About us – Black Arts Toneworks has been building pedals since 2010, in various nefarious locations around the uSA. The Current BAT cave is located _redacted_. At this time there are 2 Fulltime, and few part-time helpers around the cave. We are small, but we do our best to offer the best service, the best sounding devices per OUR taste of tones,and enough volume to scare your neighbors.

Direct Sales – We offer sales direct through our website by using the paypal buttons. We will have special runs, customs and short productions that are exclusive to us. If you have any issue or questions about purchases, contact us for further help.

Shipping – Your order will ship USPS Priority. You will get a tracking number when we print shipping. If you did not get it, please check the email that was on the purchase. There are alot of shipping problems and delays at the moment, please be patient. New shipping rules for international shipments have made it difficult and expensive to ship. Please check the BAT dealer list for other options with shippers who may be better able to serve you.

Dealerships- Support your local shops! We have a growing network of internet and brick and mortar dealers. They are your best resource for trying a Black Arts pedal in person before you buy. Please check our dealer listing. Dealers interested in carrying the line of Black Arts, please contact us,

Support- We do our best to answer emails in a timely manner. We try not to curse in replies. Please understand that we do lead a life outside of circuitry and your patience and understanding will provide us both with a better experience. We love to know, but sometimes we love not to know. We are human life forms, albeit highly evolved. We will treat you as we wish to be treated.

Warranty – All Black Arts Toneworks pedals come with a 100% warranty against parts and workmanship. If you have a problem, please email support for info and a return address. We have found that a large portion of problems will involve either bad power supplies, bad cabling, or unrealistic expectations on the user end. Please be certain that you have gone to every effort to verify that all of the potential problems are addressed, and then contact us, for further evaluation. We will make sure your pedals work properly. However, we do not cover problems caused by improper power supplies, blunt force trauma or immersion in beer, blood or spit.

Repairs – We will repair any black arts pedal regardless of how it was abused. Please contact us @ support for repairs. And, please, clean the stage gunk off of it before making us touch it. Your spit, dried mead or groupie stains do not impress us.(send pics instead) Please allow up to two weeks for your repair.

Return Policy – We will repair or replace any defective pedal for as long as we are able to hold a soldering iron…but we do not accept returns or exchanges for any reason. Please be certain of what you are buying and have realistic expectation of what it does and does not do. These are tools to add to your palette. You are the artist..or fartist as the case may be. If you desire an exchange or money back policy, we have many dealers who offer this, check with them for their specific return policies.

Artist Endorsement – We do have an artist endorsement program, thanks for asking. There are a few criteria that you must meet BEFORE we begin talks. A.) You ALREADY use and can demonstrate USING Black Arts. B.) You are a viable unit doing some amount of touring and recording. C.) You have something to offer the Black Arts in return for the Black Arts offering you something. To this, you can be creative.We are all about out of the box guerrilla warfare. IF you meet this criteria, email us and we can discuss it. There are different levels of endorsement we can do depending on what you bring to the table. Black Arts isn't here to give away free shit to flip or fuel your bad habits. We ARE about building relationships with great artists doing the yeoman’s work of bringing rock to the masses. \m/ \m/

Custom Work – Doesn't hurt to ask right? We do take on some custom work if it flips our creative switches. Unfortunately custom is neither cheap nor quick. Proceed accordingly.For custom circuits contact