I am discontinuing the practice of custom colors. I am sorry for anyone who wanted one and has not ordered one yet. The reasons are as follows: The plethora of colors available, and have been custom ordered are a major pain in the ass to keep my orders to the supplier correct and on time. When I place an order, It may be for 25 black, 15 gold, 1 pink, 1 orange, 6 green…etc…I am having orders held up in production of the powder coating, and it may be for the one pink pedal I am ordering. My whole order may be put off for a week, waiting for that one custom. Consequently, other customers are being held up receiving their Pharaoh order from me. Keeping track of 10 custom one off pedals is also a bit of a task for me,and I ‘d rather concentrate on building an ass kicking pedal tonally than a one off color combination. To streamline the process, and to keep wait times at a minimum, I am therefore calling it to a halt.I am sorry if someone was dying for a certain custom color, but I need to do this. The Pharaoh will be available in Black w/Copper Graphic, with Creme or Black Knobs, and also Transparent Gold w Black Graphic, Black or Creme knobs. All Pharaohs will be shipped with a Green LED.

The Pharaoh pedal has really caused a landslide of support, and orders have gone through the roof.

So for that, I give my sincerest , heartfelt thanks.