Black Arts Toneworks CUSTOM SHOP on Reverb.Com

Click the link below to go to the Black Arts Toneworks Custom Shop. Find B stock, blowouts, oddities, used and alternate direct only color choices and graphics.

Black Arts Toneworks CUSTOM SHOP on

Black Friday Black Xmas Black Mammal

Limited Black Xmas Edition Rabid Mammal

Ultra Limited Run

CustomShop REVOLUTION Series Quantum Mystic and RawHeart

Limited edition Quantum Mystic and RawHeart OD available now on CustomShop – Link is under the pedals tab.

The Revolution mod adds a toggle for alternate Silicon clipping. You’ll get earlier breakup, more aggressive sound and less compression.

Low Stock ….*again*

I cant keep up with your demands. Everything is sold out again.
Check back late April for a restock on SOME devices.

Web Shop Re-Stock – Pricing Update

Good news is – everything is back online in stock for immediate purchase.
Bad news is – All prices have gone up. It was a hard decision, and a long time coming. Every single cost has risen. Components are scarce. Demand is high. It’s the way of the world. The big squeeze. Same old song and dance.
I’ll keep the webshop stocked as long as possible.

Thanks to every one of my customers for your support and understanding.

Priestess Pre-Sale ((((SOLD OUT))))


Priestess Pre-Sale sold out.
T shirts will be ordered today, and updates will be forthcoming.
Check back for updates!