RAW HEART OD – First Sighting

 Sneak Peek

Coming October 31, 2019


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^^^^SKYBOOST^^^^^ Pre-Sale

You’ll find sounds from a gentle full range boost, gritty treble boost, gassing up to a full aggressive fuzz.
Great for boosting and adding some edge to a dirty preamp, add definition to a saturated front end.

Gain– Dial up harmonic content maxing up to fuzzy
Volume – Match your amp volume, then cut or boost as needed
Contour – toggle between a bassy setting and a trebly setting.
Range – toggle between lower and higher gain ranges.

9vdc, negative center.
True Bypass switching
Black Arts standard lifetime warranty

SKYBOOST Flying Disc
The Skyboost Flying Disc is made in the USA by Discraft,using their “Magnet” mold. Pro-D plastic and custom SKYBOOST graphic stamped with prismatic foil.
Possible uses:
-Cat Throne
-Rolling Tray
-Time killer after load-in
-Approach and Putt a round of Disc Golf
-Dog Bowl
-Carburetor parts tray
-Beach Fun
-Play catch with your canine friend
-Wall Decoration
-Stash Tray
-Reason to go outside in the sunlight

– MANY MANY MORE uses! BE creative.

This PreSale offer is for a First Run Skyboost pedal, plus a complimentary Pre-Sale edition SKYBOOST flying disc.
Skyboost pedal Serial Numbers will be assigned in order of purchase.

Black Arts Toneworks CUSTOM SHOP on Reverb.Com

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Black Arts Toneworks CUSTOM SHOP on Reverb.com


Once per year Custom Run of FUZZ Ritual and OATH

((((((SOLD OUT))))

No controls. The true and original NO KNOBS.NO MASTERS.
I dont wanna hear about it later. If in doubt, DO NOT BUY. Its LOUD and requires commitment.


((((((SOLD OUT!!!))))))