Loud. Raw. Thick. Incredible tone shaping.

The Priestess takes the best of the various versions of the BMP and combines them into a
singular sonic assault.

– 1st gain stage – Pharaoh. Higher headroom input results in great stacking possibilities
– 2nd gain stage – Green Russian results in a solid attack and bottom end
– 3rd gain stage – NYC Reissue with Creamy Dreamer Mod gives a high gain stage with a bit of squish
– Tone controls – Violet Ram’s Head for a pleasant vocal midrange
– 4th gain stage – LSTR. High Output

This anthology of circuit stages along with a mids control that goes from deep scoop to slightly
boosted mids and two toggles for control of clipping diodes gives tones from dynamic and open fuzz
to compressed singing sustain.

Tone – Full range tone control. Turn it left for low end emphasis, turn right for high end emphasis.
Mids – Turn left for supa-scooped sounds, right for mid presence.
With Tone full left and Mids full right, you can achieve the mid forward boost settings.
With Tone and Mids pointed towards each other, you’ll get scooped tones.

Left Toggle – controls clipping diodes on the 2nd stage. OFF bypasses the diodes for a Supa
Tonebender style clipping arrangement, Clip 1 for standard Silicon clipping.
Right Toggle – controls clipping diodes on the 3rd stage. OFF bypasses the diodes for an open and
dynamic sound like the Pharaoh bypass option, Clip 2 for standard silicon clipping.

You’ll find the Priestess the perfect counterpart to The Pharaoh.
Equally powerful
Equally adjustable
Equally effective

$189.99 Standard Black

$214.99 Limited Copper/ Gold Foil Graphic